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Nuts L LLC was founded on 2011. The major business of the Company is hazelnut processing and export. Nuts L was founded by a team of highly experienced people working in the hazelnut business since 2000 and having thorough knowledge and outstanding experience in hazelnut business research and management. The company is located in Samegrelo, region in the Black sea, west part of Georgia providing ideal environment for the hazelnut cultivation. Such active cooperation with, the local farmers, has enabled us to become a significant player in the European market of hazelnuts. Nuts L plant is equipped with modern machines and equipment and accomplishes high technological processes allowing us producing high-quality product. The plant has a full production line, including purchasing, processing and realizing the nut. Hazelnuts come in many forms as required by each individual client: shelled nuts, roasted nuts, blanched nuts, and nut flour. Today Nuts L includes 2 processing factory and its total Industrial area is 30000 m2. Our Annual Production capacity is 5000 tons. Nuts L meets the international standards and recommendations. We use only the best industry equipment: color sorters, stone separators, and metal detectors made in Italy, Japan, and Turkey. Nuts L 2018 implemented a food safety system called Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). At the moment, the company has ISO 22000:2018 and ISO 9001:2008. Nuts L has sufficient experience to work on European and Asian markets allowing the Company to work with modern methods. Nuts L aims at providing services and products at global quality and standards, developing healthily with high customer satisfaction. In this way, it intends to be a symbol of trustworthy, standing and prestige for its customers.


Why Nuts L?

Georgian trusted company

Nuts L LLC 2018 implemented a food safety system called Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). At the moment, the company has ISO 22000:2018 and ISO 9001:2008

Company Name: Nuts L LLC

ID: 439860526

Address: 96 Mshvidoba Str. 4100 Senaki. GEORGIA

+995 599 067575; +995 597 772400; +995 551 817575

E-mail: info@nutsl.ge


Georgian Hazelnut

The homeland of nut is Asia. From here, nut spread to Europe and it is one of the oldest cultures in the world. At present, the major nut producers are Turkey, Italy, USA, Georgia, Azerbaijan and other countries. Nut culture is traditional for Georgian people evidenced by the great number of local endemic species. For centuries, improved nut species were gained by using folk selection methods. Production of the Georgian nut adapted to the local climate has much developed for the last decade. The increase of the areas with nut cultures is mostly the result of the growing demand for the high-quality raw material on the local and European markets. The soil and climatic conditions of the country make it possible to gain high-quality and competitive nut harvest in almost every corner of Georgia. Georgian nut is distinguished for its favorable economic and technological properties, and is a beneficial export raw material, with the nutrition and curative value of the products gained through nut processing determined by the content of fats, proteins, hydrocarbons, bioactive substances and vitamins in the raw material. At present, there are several tens of indigenous nut species spread in Georgia. Indigenous Georgian nut is ecologically pure and disease-persistent what makes it competitive on the European and international markets.